Becky Reece, LLC

Health Coach, Personal Trainer and your number one advocate!

Health Coach, Personal Trainer and your number one advocate!

Health Coach, Personal Trainer and your number one advocate!Health Coach, Personal Trainer and your number one advocate!Health Coach, Personal Trainer and your number one advocate!



Feel healthier, be happier - for life


Taking action to live a healthier life can be hard, intimidating and overwhelming. 

I can help. 

No gimmicks. No fad diets. No magic potions. 

Instead, I use my experience, skillful coaching and science-backed strategies that work in real life to help you make changes that last your whole life. 

I’ll analyze your unique situation and goals and create a practical plan. With you every step of the way, I’ll share the proven nutrition, exercise and lifestyle tools that empower you to create real changes that will last. 

Your wellness ally, I’ll help you take the steps to a healthier, happier, you. health coach workout personal trainer


Empowering you with my experience and knowledge


I’ve earned health coaching and nutrition certifications from the Institute for Integrative Medicine and the Functional Medicine Health Coaching Academy. My fitness instruction credentials range from the International Sports Science Association to Jillian Michaels — I’m certified to show you how to safely kickbox, kettlebell and Bodyshred your way to better health.

But more importantly, I’m qualified to help you because I’ve been there myself. 

I know how hard it is to change.

My weight ballooned for months after the birth of my second child. As someone who grew up without vegetables—or sports—never drinking water; fighting the call of ice cream, sugar and the couch was incredibly hard. 

But on my own, I lost 60 pounds in a year and completely transformed my body without dieting. 

I taught myself how to feed and care for myself—for life. I can teach you, too. 

I’ve been helping people make real, tangible changes for decades. My post-pregnancy transformation wasn’t the first time I radically changed my life. Click to learn more (link to another, longer “about me” section. Or, if the site can do something like displaying only these first three paragraphs, then when the reader hovers the cursor over the text, show the rest of the text, that would be good, too) 


The best strategy for you

Want to run a marathon? 

Increase your metabolism? 

Enjoy more energy while you spend time with your family? 

I’ve created programs to help people do all of those things. How we shape our time is up to you.

Choose the route that fits your life and goals:

  • One-on-one holistic personal health and nutrition coaching sessions
  • One-on-one personal training sessions
  • Collaboration with your physician to create 
  • nutrition and activity plans
  • Group coaching and training sessions 
  • In-person, phone and online consultation 
  • Customized health programs for your employees or organization members

Services - Health Coaching and Personal Training


Health Coaching + Personal Training/Fitness

I specialize in one-on-one health coaching sessions customized to help you reach your wellness goals. I can work with your practitioner to incorporation their orders into a sustainable life program. Often, to make changes in our behavior we need to retrain our brains, maximizing its neuroplasticity. It’s very hard to do alone. Having an expert by your side with proven tools and strategies makes it easier.

NEW CONCIERGE Private or semi-private personal training in home service!

Are you a busy professional who doesn't have time to leave your home office or office to dedicate time for yourself? I have a huge heart for hard working professionals. I know first hand that it seems almost impossible to carve out time for your health and wellness when you give so much to your career and other areas of your life. 

Take advantage of a trained professional catering to your wellness/fitness needs. No driving, no figuring out what to do when you are at the gym, just answer your door to be given time you need and deserve! 

I design a program to fit your individual needs

I bring the equipment to you

You can always expect a professional and uplifting experience to help balance your day!

Busy professional packages: 

45 minute sessions, 1x week $90/session 

60 minute sessions, 1x week $110/session

75 minute sessions, 1x week $137/session

Personal Training/Fitness

One-on-one personal training. Customized training in private studio. I focus on safely meeting your needs, creatively accommodating any physical issues and motivating you to attain your goals in a positive, supportive environment. 

1 hour session: $85 hour (Packages available)

Partner training. Bring a buddy and have a blast working out together.

1 hour session: $85 hour (Packages available)

Small group sessions. Have friends with similar fitness goals? Being accountable to buddies can be a powerful motivator—and tons of fun. I can create a program just for you. 

Call for details.


Hungry for nutrition, fitness or general wellness information? Practical how-to steps for healthier living in the real world? Let me create a workshop for you and your group. 

Past workshop topics include:

Incorporating healthier foods into your daily meals

Understanding how certain foods work well for your body while others do not

Translating foods labels to make the best decisions for yourself and your family 

Call for details.

About me

I am a mom of a teenage girl and tween boy. We enjoy a lot of playtime outdoors in the mountains with our dog, Smokem. Our kids play competitive lacrosse almost year round so keeping active and eating properly is a must. 

I’ve been passionate about helping others since I was a little girl. Becoming a functional medicine health coach and personal trainer has allowed me to share my passion of optimal wellness with my clients. 

When I was 19, my boyfriend, was paralyzed in a car accident. We stayed together for 5 years after the accident. I desperately wanted to be able to safely lift him in and out of his wheelchair and assist with his daily needs.  So I started lifting weights while I attended my first year of college. I felt tremendous stress relief while working out and LOVED the results I felt and saw. From that point on, there has always been a purpose to my lifestyle, whether it be eating to prevent disease so I can enjoy a long and healthy life, or functional fitness so that my body will age well. Approaching life and movement with a proper plan ensures a rewarding future. 

I meet clients where they are at, not where they want to be or where I want them to be (feeling amazing in their own skin and love how it looks and feels!). I meet clients on their journey to become the healthiest person they imagine. I am an ally, walking patiently by their side with unwavering support. We summit mountains one step at a time and occasionally need a guide to keep us on track. 

My life experience and extensive nutrition, fitness and coaching education has armed that passion with powerful tools I can use to help guide you. 

My first fitness goal of getting stronger, had nothing to do with biceps or bathing suits. 

It was about love and longevity. The steps I take every day to stay healthy are still about love and longevity—being healthy so I can savor my life with the family I love.

I can help you do the same.

Give me a call or drop me a line and we can talk about how.



Education - Nutrition + Holistic Health

Functional Medicine Health Coach

Functional Medicine Coaching Academy  

Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, health coach 

Proud member of the Association of Drugless Practitioners

Education - Personal Training + Fitness


ISSA (International Sports Science Association), Certified Personal Trainer

AAA/ISMA Certified Kickboxing Instructor

RKC/HKC Certified Kettlebell Instructor

Jillian Michaels Certified Bodyshred Instructor

​TRX Qualified Instructor

Lauren George Barre Certified

FitTour Myofacial Release (foam rolling) Certified

Spartan Strong Certified

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Becky is truly an amazing coach & trainer. She is very educated and passionate about what she does! She puts your interest & concerns first and designs a program around that. I had first trained with her right before I turned 40. I knew that I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. I had multiple surgeries prior to then so had some muscle atrophy. She designed a program that wouldn’t be hard on the areas where I was still recovering but also challenged me. By the end of my 3 months, I was amazed. I felt and looked incredible and can say that I achieved my goal with Becky’s guidance! Thank you Becky!!


I can’t sing enough praises for Becky, as no words could do her justice. Not only was she my exercise trainer/guru, she was my diet consultant, spiritual guide, life coach and cheerleader.  Becky’s workouts are challenging, yet fun. She tailors the workouts to her clients’ individual needs and varies the workouts to keep things interesting.  Becky’s knowledge of the human body is extensive and she is consistently learning and growing as a professional.  Most importantly, I would consider Becky a friend and consider her in the highest regard.  I recommend her 1000%!!